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Welcome Note from WiseNET's Managing Director

WiseNET® is a group of sophisticated Computer Wizards in Zanzibar (Tanzania) who've obtained and perfected their skills from different parts of the world. The wizards have grouped themselves into different departments. The departments are Software and Database Solutions, Network Solutions, Web Designing, Graphics/Branding and Advertizing, and ICT Consultancy.

WiseNET® is an ideal ICT expert for all (individuals, small business, large business, government offices, private offices etc). Pick a service and we are guaranteed to take you there. We are up for the challenge.

Our Software Solutions are based on the following technologies:

  • Open Source Technologies: J2EE, Eclipse, Swing, Applets, JavaScripts, EJB, COBRA, PHP, Perl.
  • Microsoft Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, AJAX, VB Script, ASP, Visual Basic, ActiveX, C, C++, VC++.
  • Oracle Technologise: Pl/SQL, Developer 2000, Oracle 10g Forms.
  • Databases: Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, MS Access, MySQL, DB2

The software technology I've just mentioned has been maneuvered to create powerful applications/services that you see on the left-side menu. The applications are eRetail, Moses, MySales, Enterprise Software Solutions (ERP), Intellectual Properties Management (IPM), Online Mart and Data Migration. In some cases such applications need to be Centralized in a single network for efficiency and effectiveness. This is where our Network Solutions come in handy. We can network just about any Communication device to your desired network, from phones and fax machines (regular and mobile), printers and plotters, desktops and laptops and more. Our Network Solutions also include the famous 24Online system for Billing and Bandwidth Management preferred by most ISPs in the country, including SimbaNet and Raha.

Its commonly known that wherever you find better services you always find prices higher. Well, in our case we dare to make the difference. Our services are unlike any other yet our prices are low, reasonable and affordable, just about enough to make a small business happy and satisfied.

Thank you for visiting our website. Enjoy your browsing as you'll find the website very organized, yet elegant and stylish... and No, your connection hasn't got faster, you're just loading a very light and fast loading website :)

Warm Regards,

Managing Director

WiseNET® works across platforms!
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